improved metadata rest services for fields

For users trying to interface with the Aha service via the rest services there is a definite lack of available services for fields.

There needs to be a way to validate fields being sent to Aha. Currently there are only services that return filed data about the custom fields, and the workflows. This needs to be expanded to include all fields including the standard fields that can only be seen on the api description.

There needs to be a service or a set of services that return available fields for a product/resource. What data type those fields are. If any of those fields is required for create, and or subsequent updates. What values are allowed in said fields, if any. Other relevant data like min/max size, etc would be good as well.

  • Tim McCaskill
  • Jun 10 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • James Bruno commented
    13 Jul 09:45

    Metadata retrieval for all fields available for a resource is fairly standard in most of the API's I use (in particular, Jira, which is what we integrate with Aha!). Currently, the only way I have found to retrieve field metadata used in Aha! is to actually query an existing product (or feature, requirement, etc.) and read the properties individually from the returned JSON.

    Problem is, if there is no existing item of that type, for instance, a requirement, absolutely no data is returned showing which fields are available. I don't like the idea of creating a hack to get the metadata because it is not 100% reliable. A method for retrieving metadata for all fields would be a very useful addition.