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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Matt Thomson
Created on Aug 24, 2020

Allow granular control of the "move feature to new release" modal

When I move a feature between releases I get the modal that asks whether I want to move all of the non-shipped user stories in the feature as well.

I have two challenges with that modal:

  1. I don't have the option to move only a subset of those user stories, and

  2. I don't have enough information on the modal to know whether it's safe to move all of them

For example, I have a feature that's got a 3 or 4 stories under it. During the first sprint I see that the feature won't be completed in the that sprint, so I move out the feature to the next sprint. I don't want to move all of the incomplete stories (I could still finish one or two), so I have to choose to move none and then manually a couple afterward.

Another example: I'm in sprint 1 working on a feature. The feature has stories planned across sprints 1, 2, and 3, and it's marked for release in sprint/release 3. I move the feature forward to release 2. On the modal, I can't see which stories are in sprint 3 (the ones I want to move) and which are in sprint 1 (the ones I want to leave where they are).

Being able to see the current release for each of the stories on that modal, and able to individually choose whether to move them, would be really helpful.

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