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Created by Mike Jacobson
Created on Jun 24, 2020

Move the Idea Description Field under the title field in the Idea 'Details' Layout

Users are unable to locate the description field inside an idea when many custom fields have been added. Currently the Description Field is moved below the custom fields at the bottom of the screen.

    Sep 9, 2020

    Thanks for the idea!

    Preview the improved drawer and details pages coming soon on September 30th.

    With this change, the description has a more prominent and visible placement below the record's name.

    Learn more about the preview and how to enable it.

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  • Mike Jacobson
    Jul 29, 2020

    I'd like to add that the behavior of the description field also impacts the features and causes abrasion with my enterprise users. In this case, I am referencing two views; the first is the where the Idea/Feature description shows up directly under the title in the feature, which always happens in the "idea/Feature details" view and is the behavior I expect. The second view is where I've clicked on the idea/feature and the drawer slides in on the right of my screen and shows the description below the custom fields. The primary concern is two fold, 1) the description field does not have a title so my user base doesn't know why this 'random text' is shown below the custom fields and 2) the description is separated from the title (in this view), thus my users assume the description is missing on the screen because now it is located below the custom fields.