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Status Planning to implement
Created by Fatimah Gorin
Created on May 11, 2020

Warning notification

Warning notification that spells out what your action will impact and where. ex: if you change the order of fields in a custom table, it impacts the index field. If you delete a custom field, your data will be floating and not relinkable.

It would also be great if the impacts that show up are links so you can go directly to them and not have to search for them.

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  • John Owen
    Jan 5, 2022

    An example where such a notification would be useful is when working on an epic that has been assigned to you. If you inadvertently update the release field to a value that is no longer owned by your area, the epic is no longer updatable by you, even though you are the assigned user. It can then be really difficult, nigh on impossible, to identify someone who is associated with the new release to get them to change it back. Because the save happens automatically sometimes you might not even notice that something has changed. The only option is to get an Aha! user with the necessary privileges to change it back and this is not scalable for large enterprise instances of Aha!.