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Status Likely to implement
Categories Slack
Created by Mike Madison
Created on May 6, 2020

Add "Ideas > Created" filter option to the "To Slack" Integration

Our teams would like to subscribe to a Slack channel that provides a message when new Ideas are submitted. The teams would like to only see newly-added items, as those new Idea additions require review and response, unlike subsequent individual votes. Currently, the closest approximation to this is the "Votes" setting in the Ideas filter options on the "to Slack" integration, which creates more "noise" in the feed and makes it difficult for the team to see when they need to take action on a new idea.

Release time frame 3 months
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  • Vignir Gudmundsson
    Aug 14, 2020

    +1 on this. We are using the ideas portal solution both for typical idea management, but also for certain types of content suggestions. Given the fact that we cannot tag people in the commenting in the portal, the obvious alternative to that is to route the communication around new entries to apps like Slack. Although I think most customer expect tagging to work in a commenting system in a tool like Aha, adding this would remedy most of pain around the additional communication loops here.