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Categories Ideas
Created by Jonathon Leeke
Created on Feb 25, 2016

Control or filter slack content for ideas to reduce noise

I'd like to have only new ideas and comments post to the slack channel, not every single vote.

Also, a new idea creates two slack messages, one with the description and another with other details (name, score, assigned to, Visibility, etc).  I only need the one with the description.  Please remove the other one to avoid the noise, or give me a way to turn it off.

    Mar 9, 2016

    You can create a Slack filter based on Idea name and comments, which would allow you to reduce the noise in your channel.

    Select Product | Ideas | Name (field) and another filter for the Comment field to customize your channel.

    Doing so should limit the number of messages, as well as the content in your channel.

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