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Created by Jess Cook
Created on Mar 30, 2020

Auto-Tag object IDs (Features/Master Features/Releases/etc) in comments

Sometimes, when I'm trying to refer to other objects in Aha! in a comment, I want to be able to just enter the ID of the object and have it auto-link to that. JIRA has this feature and it's helpful so we can avoid having to look up references. Sometimes my business analyst's say "It's already here in XYZ id" and then I have to global search. Clicking on it to open that object would be faster.

    Mar 31, 2020

    Thank you for your idea. This is currently possible by typing # when adding a comment or editing a description. This will open a search where you can search for records to link by reference number or name.

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  • Jess Cook
    Mar 31, 2020

    Really!? That's fantastic news! Thanks. The chat expert didn't know so might remind them. :) Wonderful.