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Categories Strategy
Created by Nick Mariette
Created on Mar 17, 2020

More flexible detail custom field layouts

why? for who?

For our product management team to have a nicer way of entering or editing information in custom fields, particularly when we have many custom note fields for Initiatives and Features which we use to create SAFe Epic and Feature canvases. The existing detail layout for Initiatives puts all custom fields in a narrow sidebar, which makes it cumbersome to enter a few sentences or up to a couple of paragraphs of text.


It would be useful to have greater flexibility to put custom fields into the wider main column of the detail layout, rather than on the right side. (e.g. the Initiatives detail view)

    Sep 30, 2020

    Thanks for the idea!

    You can now manage what is displayed in the right sidebar of your details pages from your custom layout. You can access your custom layout from account settings > Custom layouts or directly from a record. Click on a record's [...] menu and select Create/Edit custom layout. You can then drag your Overview tab into the main section or replace it with another tab.

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  • Nick Mariette
    Mar 20, 2020

    An alternative suggestion would be to enable dragging the vertical bar in the detail view that separates the custom fields on the right from the main column on the left. If you could drag this vertical bar to the left to give more room to view and edit custom fields such as notes, this would achieve the goal.

    I know that any custom field does have an "expand" button that enables viewing or editing with a full window, but this is only one field at a time. I'd like to see all fields each with sufficient space in an optimised or customisable layout on one screen.