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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 4, 2020

Allow worksheets to lookup fields from many/many relationship field

In the same way you are able to reference a property on a custom table via the many/many relationship custom field, it would be great to be able to reference properties on standard record types via the relationship link.


For example, on a feature, I have a "Releases" custom field. When a feature is moved from one release to the next, we populate the releases custom field with the original release.


In a worksheet, I'd like to pull the "Original release date", or "Original release status" for example. Ideally I could pull something like



This has a variety of extensions - because it allows me to access metadata from linked records joined via the custom fields (which isn't possible in reporting today) and not just the name of the record.

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Support Aha! relationship fields in worksheet equations

We have created a custom table that includes Aha! record relationship fields to reference epics and releases. I want to use a worksheet to summarize these related records. Elsewhere I can use syntax like self.epics[] but is not supported with reco...
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