Extend Worksheet syntax to enable lookup many-to-many Custom table values

It would make the Worksheet field even more useful.


For example, a custom table with two fields, a key and a value:

Phase / Month










 The Custom table has a many-to-many relationship field in the Feature card layout.


Extend the formula syntax in a Feature-level worksheet field to pass a Phase / Month value and return the matching Weight?

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  • Feb 17 2020
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  • Feb 19, 2020

    Admin Response

    It is now possible to reference custom table data within record worksheets. This includes the ability to reference many-to-many custom fields as well.

    To reference a many-to-many custom field on a record, use the following syntax:

    • self.custom.<many-to-many custom field API key>[].custom.<api key for field on custom table>

    Let's say you have the following configuration for a feature custom field layout:

    Custom table

    You have a custom table identical to your example:

    Master-detail custom field

    You also have a many-to-many custom field connected to the table above. The API key for this many-to-many field is weight. This allows you to tag phases/months.


    Your worksheet equation might look like this...


    In practice, this would work something like this.

    Note - the first row isn't needed. We just included it in this example to illustrate how the lookup works.

    We hope this helps. Please let us know at support@aha.io if you need any assistance setting this up.

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    19 Feb 11:33

    Thank you for the great response!