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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jan 29, 2020

Better Slack Integration with Fixed Workflow Approvals

User Story: As a product manager for one piece of the product, I want to post an alert in a specific Slack channel when a fixed workflow/approval "to-do" is created, so that those who have disabled email notifications or browser alerts are aware that they need to take an action in Aha.

Details:  We were really excited about the new "fixed workflow/approval" feature, since we felt this would be a great way to help ensure the right people are reviewing master features at the right time. However, we quickly realized that the "right people" had disabled browser and email alerts from Aha, since living in Aha is not their primary job. So, as a way to remedy this, we setup an "Aha to Slack" integration (#slacklife) that would notify a specific channel when a new "workflow approval to-do" was added to the master feature. Unfortunately, this does not work since the "Aha server/system" is the "user" that creates these to-dos, and not an individual user. So, workflow approvals were getting created beautifully in the actual master feature, but the Slack integration wasn't asking Slack to update the channel. Which brings us to today...and this new idea! 😀

Workaround: As a workaround, I am assigned to one of the workflow/approval to-do, so if I approve it (even though I wrote the master feature), then it seems to alert the channel. It'd be nice if I didn't have to add myself as a "dummy approver" though.

Ideal Solution: We'd really love to be able to notify different slack channels based upon who the workflow approval was assigned to. For example, if assigned to our "Education Team", then we could notify "Slack Channel A", if the to-do was assigned to the "Product Team", then notify "Slack Channel B", etc. But, we know this is a big ask since the integrations are not that granular today.

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