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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Todd Meyer
Created on Jan 17, 2020

Copying a release should let you select a release date

It is a common practice to create releases containing features in the parking lot to serve as templates. Ex: weekly/monthly releases with recurring tasks to complete.

Currently on the features board, if you add a new release, choose the option to 'Copy existing release', and select a parking lot release, it copies the release and keeps it set as a parking lot release.

This causes confusion and requires the user to figure out where their new release is, and how to take it out of the parking lot. Even if you know this will happen, it's several extra clicks once you copy the release to get things sorted out.

A very helpful solution would be to allow you to select a release date and choose if you want it to be in the parking lot on the 'Copy existing release' option.

This would also be useful when copying an existing normal release with a date, allowing you to set the new release date at the time of creation.

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