Ability to add PO functions to a Custom Role

We have recently implemented Custom Roles in our space that bumped the PO role to Contributor + Custom (eliminating the ability to add new product and granting paid seat access, etc - see attached)

We would like the ability to change some of the traditional PO changes into this new role

  • Add free seats only

  • Add the "Contributor + Custom Role" to the Info --> Users screen

  • Ability to add master features to the layout

  • View the history of the product line/products

  • Create folders 

But we could not seem to configure it based on the PO description https://support.aha.io/hc/en-us/articles/202000977

  • Marina Reyna
  • Nov 4 2019
  • Future consideration
Release time frame
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  • Jay Johnson commented
    05 Nov 19:16

    I cannot vote for some reason..  I would have voted for it, but cannot access votes

  • Amy Boland commented
    07 Nov 19:55

    This would restore an ability I use all the time. One major purpose of using AHA is so that anyone across the company can come and see my roadmap. Life is better if I can give them viewer access.

  • JM STEVENS commented
    13 Nov 13:21

    I know that I may be being selfish, but having those power user capabilities really made it possible to do the most with the tool. Being throttled like this takes away some of the core strengths that I leveraged often to get others to both adopt and really start to use the tool. 

  • Vlad Spector commented
    13 Nov 13:59

    I would vote for this capability to be back +10 times! :) Very convenient and efficient to have that ability within the capability.

  • Dan Jeffery commented
    15 Nov 11:29

    Heavily support this! We are using Aha to the fullest extent and are putting potential sensitive information in the tool in relation to strategy and direction. In order for us to provide access to Sales and Pre-Sales to run their own reports and get customer views of roadmap/idea information we need custom views.