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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Yancey Larochelle-Williams
Created on Oct 21, 2019

Employee Account Indicator

It would be cool if there was a way that customers on the portal page could know that they are engaging with an employee from the company. Other than the admin message, there’s no way to tell. Specifically, in the flow of conversation there should be a way to tell that participant 1 and 2 are customers, but participant 3 is an employee. That way, the customer knows who is participating in the conversation. It seems the only way to know that is if you know their email addresses.

Here’s an example of the use case:

Customer 1 is asking for a feature that colors a button blue.

Customer 2 says that blue buttons are already available

Customer 3 says that you can edit it via scripting (a bad idea!)

Employee 1 says that this is a bad idea and that you should instead use a system function

Customer 1 says that it would be ideal if the button were blue by default

Employee 2 says the button is blue by default and that values must have been changed to make it not blue

Customer 2 says that he wants to hear from someone at the company before he takes any further action.

Currently, based on the way it is set up, there’s no easy way for customers to know that an employee has been participating in the conversation this whole time. I know the highlight comes from the user in the portal (marked as Admin when it is a PM), but if our support team wants to jump in the conversation, that’s not visible unless they go through the Admin portal (and have an account, etc. etc.).

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