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Status Will not implement
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Dan Orth
Created on Nov 13, 2014

Call out staff/employee responses in addition to admin responses

Perhaps we are just not setting up the portal correctly, but I'd like to see staff/employees get a visual highlight on the page when they reply to ideas.

Right now I see the green avatar outline and the callout for Admin responses, but we have multiple community reps and it would be great to mark all of their responses as coming from the organization.


  • if it said "Staff" or "Employee" that would sound more friendly than "Admin".
  • it would be nice if the response stood out a little bit more for quicker scanning on the page. Sometimes the green outline and "Admin" text is easy to miss when looking quickly and a staff responses is usually something most people are interested in I would think.
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  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Nov 13, 2014

    The 'Admin' comments in the ideas portal represent the official position of the company or organization. Since not every employee should necessarily be marked as an official spokesperson we wanted to draw a distinction between comments from Aha! users (who are typically the product managers) and other company users.

    I agree that the admin comments could be called out more strongly. In the meantime you can use the admin response if you want to draw users attention.