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Categories Account settings
Created by Dara Fadeyi
Created on May 16, 2024

Field Mapping Settings for Each Workspace

What is the challenge?

Promoting an idea or feature does not transfer important fields or custom fields

What is the impact?

This causes a lot of repetitive action on my part when promoting an idea to a feature or vise-versa

Describe your idea

I would like to have a setting (Record Field Mapping) where I can set the default Idea-to-feature fields mapping template.

Ideally these will be in the format of a template that allows users to create mapping templated for each record conversions/promotion on aha.

These templates can then be selected during the "Promote" or "Conversion" Action to determine what fields are mapped from one record to another during a conversion/promotion.

If there is no template setup as default for a particular promotion or conversion, the Aha! Default can be used for the mapping

    May 17, 2024

    Thank you for your idea. It is currently possible to setup custom fields to map so they promote from ideas to features (and other records.) This article explains how to set this up.

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