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Categories Capacity planning
Created by Anton Kuzmenko
Created on Apr 15, 2024

Removed Team Members Still Visible on Capacity Report

What is the challenge?

Removed team members continue to appear on the Capacity Report, which leads to confusion.

What is the impact?

Describe your idea

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to the Capacity planning page.

  2. Remove a team member from the team.

  3. Go to the Capacity report.

Expected Result:

The removed team member should not appear on the future Capacity Reports. However, their data should still be visible in past Capacity Reports for historical reference.

Actual Result:

The removed team member remains visible on the Capacity Report with a capacity of 0. This does not impact capacity calculations but can cause confusion, particularly in teams with many members, making it difficult to discern active from inactive team members

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  • Guest
    Apr 16, 2024

    Hi! I don't think it is an idea, it is a bug in the system. If the users were removed from the team, they shouldn't appear in this report. It creates a lot of confusion having them there. Please, fix this ASAP.