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Status Future consideration
Created by Jeanette Resnikoff
Created on Aug 19, 2020

Efficient removal of scenarios from capacity planning for teams

After having completed planning with the use of various scenarios (with capacity planning for teams), I would have narrowed down my optimal scenario and would want to remove or archive scenarios that are no longer needed.

Currently to delete a scenario, I must first manually delete each advanced estimate on every record associated with a scenario.

This is not efficient if I have a large amount of records with these advanced estimates.

Additionally, if I have made any changes to my configuration between using capacity planning for teams vs. individuals, it is not always obvious there is an advanced estimate associated with a record. I would need to take additional steps to re-enable teams planning for that record type to remove it.

I would like to either delete or archive a scenario that would take bulk action and fully remove the associated advanced estimates from all records using that scenario.

I would like a warning prior to completing this action notifying me of the number of records that scenario has advanced estimates associated with.

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