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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 20, 2024

Compare changes between two roadmap version

What is the challenge?

My board and ELT routinely want to see the roadmap - and they want to know what moved from the prior meeting.

I currently "snapshot" the roadmap (to PNG) and then manually go item by item for the next (quarterly) meeting to identify what moved or changed.

How would you solve it?

I would allow a roadmap version snapshot that would lock in the then current projects and delivery dates.

At any point in time, I would compare the current roadmap against the snapshot version. Aha! would provide a table ("diff") for everything that is different.

From there, I could annotate with the reasons for any differences.

What impact would it make?

It would reduce several hours of tedious work to compare. Moreover, it would increase my ability to increase the frequency of these compares.

I only do it sparingly now because it is tedious. If I could do this more frequently with development counterparts, we could get ahead of slips or missed expectations.

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  • Guest
    Mar 21, 2024

    I see it. I���ll have to play with it.

    On the surface, I see what it is trying to do. But it appears to require me to enumerate through each item that changed. I���d like to create a report showing anything that changed since an ���as of��� date, and then filter by certain types of changes.

    AFAICT, I have to click through each line item to determine if has board level relevance.

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  • Admin
    Chrissi McNamara
    Mar 21, 2024

    Hi Neal, thanks for your idea. What type of roadmap are you using?

    We recently launched an update that allows you to track changes to your Features roadmap, with other roadmap types to follow soon. You can read about that update here: