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Categories Strategy
Created by Emil Stoychev
Created on Apr 12, 2017

Why and how our strategy changed over time?

In Aha! we can see the current snapshot of our strategy. Although the vision shouldn't really change over time, the Business Model does change. The competitor information also changes. When the business model changes, then your goals and initiative may/should change as well.

With changes happening over time and no track record, we may end up in situation where we don't know why we changed something and how that impacted the product goals, initiatives and roadmap. Also, especially for competitor information, while it is interesting to see their current status, it is more important to see trends over time, how their customer base grew over time, how their pricing, revenue and growth rate changed.

So I was wondering how do I see why and how a business model changed 6 months ago? Is this something Aha! can provide? While I can leverage functionality like the notebooks to do this, I feel like more integrated snapshots of your business model would provide superior user experience and insight into your product and decisions you made over time.

    Sep 27, 2019

    The status of this idea was out of date. Since this idea was requested we have made significant changes to the Strategy > Models section of Aha! You can now create multiple versions of your models which allows you to track changes to the models over time.

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  • Matt Gunnell
    Mar 23, 2018

    Hi Emil,


    We download incremental PDF's of our business model, roadmap etc. to track changes over time. No ideal but might help you in the short term.