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Status Future consideration
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Guy Eden
Created on Jan 30, 2024

Enable use of PlantUML diagrams throughout Aha!

Connected with - but it seems that is being phased out in favor of notebooks/ whiteboards.

Who would benefit?

Everyone who needs to draw complex diagrams (many types are supported by PlantUML) and prefers an easy-to-maintain textual representation

For users migrating requirements from other platforms (e.g. Confluence), who are already using PlantUML, this would massively ease the migration

What impact would it make?

Far faster to maintain diagrams in this way

Far faster to migrate such diagrams from other platforms

How should it work?

Anywhere today where there is an option to add a diagram, PlantUML should be an option (whether directly or through a notebook/ whiteboard.)
This is supported in many such systems, including Confluence, Google Docs, directly in (later version than supported by Aha!), etc.

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  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Jan 31, 2024

    Thanks for sharing this idea for using PlantUML diagrams in Aha! At this time, we do not have an integration with PlantUML planned on our roadmap. However, creating complex diagrams from text is a need that many product managers have, so we are curious whether it would be helpful to build such diagrams directly in our whiteboard tool. Which types of diagrams do you use most often?

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