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Status Future consideration
Categories Search
Created by Claire A
Created on Jan 18, 2024

The new search functionality returns too many results when searching for multiple keywords

Who would benefit?

All users with a large number of ideas including others in my organization who have struggled with this.

What impact would it make?

After using aha for 6 years this is the single most harmful change to my personal productivity within the application throughout that time. There was some change in the past few weeks that changed the search results from being very specific to multiple keywords to returning a huge number of results.

Before when searching keywords, I would receive 5-10 high quality and relevant results and the same searches now return a slew of results (today's example was 333 results for the same search).

This would save me atleast 15 minutes per search containing multiple keywords which I do several times a day and headache by reading through so many ideas.

How should it work?

Any way to enable results returned be more specific to all the keywords and not just any keyword would be hugely helpful. Whether that functions like the old search results or some boolean type new functionality is fine with me. The old functionality was great.

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  • Stephen McAdams
    Jan 22, 2024

    Agree. Something with the search has changed and not for the better. We either get too many results or never get the one we need.