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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Mark Celli
Created on Jan 12, 2023

.svg File type upload in ideas portals

.SVG files are currently not allowed to be uploaded into Aha! ideas portals.

We have a user requiring the ability to upload and attach a .svg file type to an idea submission. The option to convert the file to another format to upload is not a viable solution. Attempts at uploading this native file type have been unsuccessful since the Aha! ideas portal UI prevents uploading a file of this type.

Would it be possible to modify Aha! to allow .svg file types uploaded when clicking on any attach file link?

    Jan 19, 2023

    The file restrictions in ideas portals are in place to protect your portal. SVG files can be used maliciously to run javascript on your portal and perform undesired actions. We will keep this idea open and continue to evaluate the necessity of blocking SVG files in the portal. As a partial workaround for now, portal users could convert their SVG to another file type or an Aha! user can edit the idea within Aha! to add the SVG file.

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