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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Jor Bratko
Created on Jul 14, 2022

Fix Calculated columns to work with customize Terminology

Calculated columns in reports have to use identical Terminology to work properly.

Field names in calculated columns calculations are changed by customized Terminology. This means they break if the report is run across workspaces that have different Terminology.

For instance, if a calculation includes a reference to:

field("Feature status changed to Planned")

and a workspace had customized Terminology which changed the name of Feature to WorkBundle, the calculated column would turn red and not return a value.

We need the calculations to recognize a field with a name based on customized Terminology and use the appropriate field in each workspace according to the Terminology defined for that workspace. Custom fields that happen to use words associated with customized terminology would not need to adapt, but system defined fields would.

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