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Created on Mar 12, 2020

Using predefined tags fields in a report calculated field

The ability to use a predefined tag field in a calculated column. For example, if null or if it contains X.

You can currently do that via filters however, then your report would exclude records.

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  • Emily Millman
    Sep 5, 2023

    It's frustrating to not be able to build a calculated column for multi-select tag fields that can return true/false for records without tags. We tried to do a workaround using tables, but they don't pull in data consistently/correctly.

  • Jor Bratko
    May 31, 2023

    Since you haven't implemented the ability to specify a filter on a tag field like "has tag A, but not tag B", using a calculation column could be a way to do that. But Aha! can't do that either.

    I'm having a hard time selling Aha!'s reporting features to the people in my company that want to use Jira for everything when I have to keep saying, "Oh, Aha! can't do that."

  • Steve Podzamsky
    Jul 26, 2022

    This is a must have, I created a similar request (A-I-11997). without this we are downloading all of our Aha data to Excel, then using Tableau to do our reporting.

  • Mousa Mitwasi
    Jun 2, 2021

    I also have a use case for the ability to do calculations on pre-defined list. In our case, I would like to know how many values did they select. For example, if they selected no values, I derived value from another field, and if they selected one value, I use that value, and if they selected more than one value, I derived a value from another formula. This would be very helpful for us.

  • Marcie Millenbach
    May 24, 2021

    Yes, we too would LOVE this function to support our alignment efforts across organizations.

    For example, we created a multi-select tag field to track organizational commitments for annual planning, and now we'd like to report out the list where TWO orgs are aligned on the work (said differently, both tags are present); however, we can't filter for that because we'd have to use the same filter twice (not supported, go to idea APP-I-5446 to up-vote).

    So, as an alternative, I tried a work-around by using a calculation column in list view to flag which Program Epics had both tags, but tagging fields aren't supported in calculations. One way or another, we need better ways to report out on combinations of tags.

  • David Burrows
    Apr 15, 2021

    This would be extremely useful. Unfortunately, the only workaround for this is filters and csv export, however filters excludes records, as stated, and a csv export/import leaves the report needing a manual process per column.

    The ability to use these fields in a calculation would enable the following (where XYZ are tag fields):


    Opening these up would allow reports to calculate, for instance - If I have a report which contains two lists of names, and I want to identify if the same person completed two actions.

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