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Status Future consideration
Categories Notes Whiteboards
Created by Austin Merritt
Created on Jun 24, 2022

Allow collaboration in whiteboards and notes with non-Aha! users

Product teams frequently need to collaborate with other cross-functional teams. Whiteboards and notes are great tools to facilitate this collaboration.

It would be great to be able to share a whiteboard or note with someone who does not have a paid seat in Aha! and allow them edit access.

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  • Fede Garibaldi
    Jul 25, 2022

    This feature is similar to Miro Board. Limiting editing to licensed Aha! Users with a seat will limit the adoption of the whiteboard, which is something we have been waiting for a long time because we do example mapping in our process.

  • Dan Kaytes
    Jul 18, 2022

    Extends further than just paid seat but to customers who are providing Ideas and would participate in Ideation sessions surrounding requests.

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