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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Danny Archer
Created on Jan 12, 2022

Prevent report filters from modifying the data relationships in reports

Currently, when I add a filter to a report, the report behaves as if the data record contained within the filter was explicitly added to the report and in doing so modifies how the primary report data is displayed.

For example, if I construct a report listing Releases and Features, then filter the report for a specific goal, any feature associated with multiple goals will become duplicated in the report.

This behavior would be expected if I added goals as a data column in the report, but it is not expected when filtering the report.

The only solution is to remove the filter (which then prevents me from reporting as I need to), or to move the data into a pivot table and then set the pivot table to only report on unique values.

This same behavior occurs any time there is a one-many style relationship added via a filter.

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  • Guest
    Feb 27, 2024

    My case , I'd like to know how many Features are added or removed from the scope during the planning iteration (assigned to GOAL_X)

    to get the number what is in scope I tag (TAG_X) the features and master features (epics) and during execution checking how many of features assigned to GOAL X are still in the scope.

    While making filter : "check how many features has TAG_X but are not assigned to GOAL_X" I notice that I have more items returned due the fact Goal is the multi value field. So I cannot get the real result. My workaround is to get all features and do filtering in google docs ... not really AHA solution ;)

    hope you can implement it :)