Ability to hide duplicates in Idea List when joined to Idea Request/Votes (show unique)

There is a duplicity in idea list report (accessed by ideas/list) for which I have found explanation and consider it a bug (most probably bug on SQL level (or similar higher layer data querying is happening).

This is in general a problem when you have 1 main entity (maybe happening only when you have 1 main entity + 1 related entity, not sure) and you use filter from an entity not defined in data model for the report.


Data model: ideas, related product

Filters: Product Name, Idea status, Created by Aha! User:Any (from feature request)

Columns: (not showing feature requests related columns)

I understand that from one standpoint this is “as designed”. But I have user complains about this and I believe their perspective should have preference – there are multiple product designs that can be done, could you please do something?
  • Daniel Pokrývka
  • Mar 4 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Daniel Pokrývka commented
    04 Mar 20:18

    Hi, thanks to Susie for helping me submit the idea. But this is not about "hiding" duplicates. It is about prevention of this situation. E. G. reports would not allow filtering by entity fields that are not in data model + it would announce after each redrawing of the data grid in list report that there are duplicates not identifiable because fields from unique entity were not shown, just the one that got duplicated because of inner joining. And obviously, this could be taken a bit holistically and verified on other types of reports too. 

  • Daniel Pokrývka commented
    04 Mar 20:20

    My point being.  Aha now shows to thousands of its customers potentially duplicate and wrong reports. Some C level people might not have the patience to listen for explanations. Not a red alert.. But yellow alert for sure. :-)