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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Karla Johnson
Created on Sep 17, 2021

Make "Statuses" in workflows their own object that can be adopted within status workflows

Currently, the way the Status Workflows are setup, each workflow is completely independent from other workflows, even when most of the same statuses are reused across these workflows (teams just want to add one more status). The result of this, is that Aha treats each of these statuses as different from each other.

This shows up in the intake portals when more than workspace is linked with different workflows showing the same status multiple times, and it also shows up in report filters, where someone has to select the same exact status in every workflow there to have the desired results. This results in a very poor user experience.

The proposal is to treat statuses as their separate object that is shared across the account, and instead of having Workflows have their own statuses, they can pick from the master list of statuses available at the account level. As a result, reporting will not longer show the different status workflows, only the list of statuses defined in the account. This will significantly improve customer experience, reporting, and customization while adhering to core corporate standards.

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