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Status Future consideration
Categories GitHub
Created by James Simpson
Created on Feb 8, 2021

Github Integration: Multiple Projects


To be able to sync Feature Status with Project Columns from multiple projects.

Additional Info:
Our team uses two github project boards (one for scoping, and one for dev) both with their respective project columns.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to create an aha/github integration for multiple projects. This would allow users to track status changes for issues across multiple projects without the need to manage two integrations.

Currently, the only alternative workflow is to instead track feature/issue status by labels however since we use project columns for this, we have to use custom github actions to keep both the project column and labels in sync.

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  • Mariia Vasylieva
    Mar 2, 2023

    Same for our teams. All our engineers’ teams have transitioned to using them as they offer wider functionality compared to the classic board.

    Aha does not support statuses mapping from the new GitHub project boards, our teams have to manually update statuses, witch has caused frustration for our business analysts and has proven to be quite time-consuming.

    Support the new GitHub project board that is now default board would take integration on the next level.

  • Karin Rainer
    Oct 10, 2022

    I would add to this, with the ability to sync to the new project boards (can't sync to these at all) as well as multiple project boards.
    - the new project boards have much more flexibility than the "classic" ones (allows saved sorting and filtering options)
    - it doesn't seem necessary to add separate workspaces for 1 dev team who uses 1 github repo when github allows multiple project boards.