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Created on Feb 7, 2017

GitHub integration automatic log time upon linked issue completion

The intended use of GH integration is the following:

  • Create features in Aha
  • Push to GitHub as a handover of control to engineering
  • Updates in GitHub trigger status changed in Aha

This is a good start.

If control is passed to engineering to manage dev in GitHub, then assuming that a PM will go and enter actual hours of effort in Aha is not a good assumption.  If a task is completed in GH, I would like to see an automatic entry of hours to match the feature estimate.  Don't care about actual hours spent, just that the intended work work completed.

This would allow me to see progress both in terms of the burndown progress chart and the simple capacity planning based on hours that Aha uses.  Goal is a Gantt style view (Releases -> Overview) that shows the cross-functional releases, including dependencies across releases, along with progress derived from closed GH issues feeding Feature status and hours of effort.

Ideally this would also show % completion status on the bars, either derived from the % of tasks mapped to the feature that are finished, or the % of estimated hours finished.  All the data could be there, but no way to roll it up.

Reports -> Portfolio has some kind of progress shown on the bars, but loses the dependencies shown in Releases -> Overview.  Really want a merged view to show progress on the Releases -> Overview.

This kind of tracking progress in Aha is critical for us making good use of Aha without so much duplication.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Mar 23, 2017

    The first part of this request, "If a task is completed in GH, I would like to see an automatic entry of hours to match the feature estimate," already exists. There is a setting in Settings -> Product -> Configure to add remaining estimates as logged time. If this is set, then when a feature moves to a status category of Done (even if moved using the Github Issues integration) the estimate will be logged as work done. 

    For the second part, there is a related idea here: I've linked these ideas but would also encourage you to vote on that idea so you'll be notified of any updates.

  • Max Cascone
    Feb 9, 2017

    Love it. Direct Aha-GitHub integration is the direction we're looking at in my company - removing the VSTS/Jira middleman, as they're redundant with Aha if you're using GH for source control. GitHub doesn't have much functionality in their Issues functionality for time tracking and other PM needs. However they support sending just about anything from a comment or commit as a webhook up to Aha. So that could conceivably be configured to capture time when phrased correctly in the commit.