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Capacity planning

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Ability to use days and weeks in advanced estimates

We are using the Enterprise + version with team capacity, scenario planning, and advanced estimates. We need the advanced estimates to allow for days and weeks estimates instead of only hours. Meaning, I can enter 2 days and the system can transla...
Ashley Powell about 2 years ago in Capacity planning 3 Likely to implement

Time tracking tool

Hi there! love Aha! its an awesome tool, however we are having problems with timetracking, would it be possible to have something like Tempo in Jira? thanks and hope this makes it through!
Guest 9 months ago in Capacity planning 3 Future consideration

Configurable unit of time for Estimation field

We're using Aha with Azure DevOps integration. We’ve mapped the Estimate field in Aha with an estimate field in Azure DevOps. Our estimation process is basically as follows: * Product Manager creates Feature in Aha * Product Manager send ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server  / Capacity planning 7 Likely to implement

Add Capacity Report to Dashboard

Currently, it's not possible to view the capacity report on the dashboard, only on presentations or a shared webpage. This is a major area of importance for us as we grow and update our procedures.
Charles Ralston 4 months ago in Capacity planning 1 Future consideration

Synchronize logged time and remaining estimates from Jira back to advanced estimates

Using the Enterprise+ Capacity Planning for Teams feature, you can define an advanced estimate on a feature record and send it to the Jira. The total value of the advanced estimate is correctly reflected in Jira. However when the estimate is updat...
Mark Eaves almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning / Jira 0 Likely to implement

Support initiative roll-up in Capacity Planning for Teams

In the same way that you are able to compute capacity estimates for teams on an initiative by features and master features, it would be helpful to compute from child initiatives. This would allow you to roll up team based forecasting up the hierar...
Madeleine Black over 2 years ago in Capacity planning / Strategy 0 Future consideration

Option to populate capacity estimates with members of a team when you select a team

We would like the team members to auto-populate (if that's your choice) when you select a team for an advanced estimate. At the moment when you select a team you then have to select the individual members one by one.
Guest about 1 month ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Ability to have a mix of team member and team estimates in capacity planning

When we are less certain about a future project, we add capacity at the team level. As we know more, or as team members roll into the project, we add individual capacities. At the moment you can't have team (header level) and member (child level) ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Checkbox (multi-select) for selecting team members in capacity estimates

When we set capacity estimates, we want to select the team members assigned to the initiative. At the moment you have to select them one by one. The ability to select multiple at once would save us a lot of time. ** We currently go to a bit of an ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Import capacity planning advanced estimates

For large product teams there will be multiple initiatives and associated estimates. It would be beneficial to be able to import estimates when an annual planning process is underway, to reduce manual workload and assist in assuring quality.
Chris Brooks about 2 years ago in Capacity planning / Product 4 Likely to implement