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Capacity planning

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Allow copying of a capacity scenario

Once a capacity plan has been built, it would make it easier to do what-if type comparisons if you could create a copy of a Scenario pre-populated with the estimates already in the initial scenario. This would let you change aspects of the capacit...
Guest over 1 year ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Release capacity planner by team

We have different teams that work around the clock in the each release. I need to be able to track per release the capacity so I can visualize each team individually and as a whole.
Giovanni Bonessa about 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Releases 2 Future consideration

Ability to get feedback if a newly entered feature estimate does not align with team capacity

The Capacity Report allows me to schedule the execution of my feature development and to identify any capacity constraints within my existing plan. This is very useful especially when teams are supporting multiple products. It's very common for ne...
Mark Eaves about 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 0 Future consideration

Assign individuals to work using % allocations

We need an ability to assign one or more individuals to an Aha! record and indicate that their capacity is partially allocated to that record. For example, initiative A is estimated at 1,700 hours and assigned to Team A. User A on the team is assi...
Mark Eaves over 2 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 0 Future consideration

Advanced capacity planning: Enhanced security to make view only a default, and restrict edit access.

Currently the advanced capacity planning enhanced security option provides 2 choices. 1) Allow all users to view/edit detailed estimates2) Allow only users with a custom role to view/edit detailed estimates With option 2 enabled, if you wish to ha...
Guest over 3 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Capacity for teams: Bulk change how estimates are calculated

This idea relates to capacity planning for teams. You currently have to manually set initiatives or master features to compute from a child record. It would be so great if we could make this change in bulk.
Nathaniel Collum over 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 1 Future consideration

Allow Aha base field values to be set based on custom worksheet fields

Custom worksheets and the fields within them allow powerful formula-based derivation of values but the base Aha fields in many cases allow certain things to be driven across the application. For example, the capacity field in releases or estimate ...
Arun Kalyanaraman almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 0 Future consideration

Capacity Planning - Hourly rates by Scenario

We update hourly rates on an annual basis. The Teams we define span Scenarios so we need to be able to define an hourly rate by Scenario for a Team. This functionality will enable flexibility in cost reporting and forecasting.
Chris Brooks over 3 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Make required fields consistent for virtual users

In the below screenshots, email address is a required field on the first screen, but not on the second. Email address shouldn't ever be required when creating a virtual user.
Bryan McElhinney almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 1 Likely to implement

Blank Out Initial Estimate in Feature

It is very easy to get into the Initial Estimate screen, and once that happens, the field is set to a value other than blank. However, there is no way to remove that configuration once I get into that screen initially. I would like the ability to ...
Guest 12 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Already exists