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Dependency Lines on Whiteboard are glitchy

Who would benefit? People using whiteboards for PI planning What impact would it make? It's just glitchy - it worked this morning and now I can't seem to get any dependent lines showing up How should it work? It should turn on - that would be nice!
Guest 8 months ago in  0 Will not implement

Bug with Copy / Pasting in Whiteboards

Who would benefit? everyone What impact would it make? would permit Copy/Pasting... How should it work? Steps to Repro: Copy something using Cmd+C on Mac (from any source) Click on a Whiteboard table cell Press Cmd+V Expected Outcome: It pastes......
Marc Kirmoyan 9 months ago in Whiteboards 3 Will not implement

Make report results workspace user role agnostic

As a user of AHA Roadmap I want to see all data in a report regardless of my user role in that Workspace so all users who access the report see consistent data. As authority to see information under a Workspace is depending on the user's role in t...
Guest 11 months ago in Reports 1 Will not implement

Ability to convert a mockup image with text to an initiative, epic, feature or requirement

While in Mockups, it'd be cool to be able to convert a shape that contains text to an initiative, epic, feature or requirement by right clicking on it and clicking Convert to > and then have the options. Then the text within the shape would be ...
Guest 12 months ago in Mockups 1 Will not implement

Prevent non-billing admin workspace owners from adding paid seats outside their owned paid seat groups

The cure was determined to be worse than the ailment. Moved to an idea, tracked here: Currently there is an edge case where project owners are able to add users that take up paid seats outside the paid seat...
Chris Zempel over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Will not implement

Multi select initiatives per feature

It would be great if we could add multiple initiatives to a feature card
Amy Bither over 1 year ago in Features 0 Will not implement

Google analytics - Universal Analytics ending July 2023

Google will no longer support universal analytics, all of our analytics use GA4 and we won't be turning them back to UA, this means we can't use the analytics integration for roadmaps which looks really useful. Please can you support GA4
Mike Lowery over 1 year ago in  0 Will not implement

Need to be able to connect Google Drive files

Looks like Aha! is not approved by Google's application security process? This is a huge issue for us as we are in the middle of planning for upcoming quarters and using Aha! for the first time. Is this likely to be fixed in the future? Is there a...
Shosh over 1 year ago in Integrations 2 Will not implement

console.log left on in feature board

There are a lot of logs to the console on the feature board. I'm guessing someone left a console.log in the code somewhere :)
Guest over 2 years ago in  1 Will not implement

Support One to many relationship fields on Customize record cards

Why is it useful? Ability to add One to many relationship fields on Cards really helps to view the field value at glance rather than to open a record to view field values. Who would benefits from it? Anyone who uses board. How should it work? It...
Tej Namala almost 3 years ago in Account settings 1 Will not implement