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Status Will not implement
Categories Features
Created by Amy Bither
Created on Dec 22, 2022

Multi select initiatives per feature

It would be great if we could add multiple initiatives to a feature card

    Dec 23, 2022

    Thanks for sharing this idea. Despite the interest in this request, we do not plan to implement this idea. Here's an overview we shared in a similar idea:

    Please note there are a couple workarounds which would allow you to link a feature to multiple initiatives and understand the impact of the features across the business.

    1. Add an initiatives record relationship custom field to capture secondary initiatives for a feature

    2. Use record links to connect the feature to secondary initiatives

    While we can see value in particular cases for directly linking a feature to multiple initiatives, allowing this would cause other issues and limitations that may not be apparent on the surface. Since initiatives typically represent a large body of work, it is important as that work is broken down into features to be able to clearly delineate which features contribute to the work of the initiative.

    For example, we have a major effort underway to provide enhanced capacity planning capabilities which will allow you to manage estimates and capacity at the initiative level for high level planning (which can be tracked in this idea.) This would not be possible if a feature could be related to more than one initiative.

    Implementing this would also limit future improvements to roadmap visualizations where you may want to see your initiatives and features in a single roadmap.

    Given the available workarounds and limitations of introducing this capability, we hope you can understand why we do not have plans to implement this idea.

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