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Created on Aug 16, 2023

Make report results workspace user role agnostic

As a user of AHA Roadmap I want to see all data in a report regardless of my user role in that Workspace so all users who access the report see consistent data.

As authority to see information under a Workspace is depending on the user's role in that Workspace, when a report contains information from a Workspace where the user has no role then that data is not displayed in the report for that user. It makes reports inconsistent, as the result of the report will be different based on the user's roles. Rights to see report results should be separated from the rights the user holds for a given Workspace.

    Aug 16, 2023

    Thank you for your idea. Reporting works this way intentionally and for security purposes. Since workspace permissions determine what information a user has access to view reports must follow those permissions.

    With that said, there is a way to share this information with those who need to see it. When reports are published as a shared webpage, they will use the permissions of the user who publishes. So that shared webpage can be viewed by others with a consistent data set (including non-Aha! users if desired.)

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  • Guest
    Aug 17, 2023

    Thank you for the quick response. This is a bypass solution, it makes it possible to share the information, but not to distribute the management (edit) of the report itself. Current access management is a nothing or all approach for workspaces, you either see nothing or everything. I can create a report where I want to report on financials, that should be restricted, but if I want to create a report on projects and their statuses, there is nothing confidential. Yet I either have to give access to all data or nothing.