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Created by Debbie Levitt
Created on Jun 24, 2021

Create competitive pricing tier for low-access users

Picture this. You're paying Aha $1800 per year for Enterprise+ because that's the tier you need. 100 people work at your company, and they have been using Zoho Projects @ $60 per year per person. You are not not not going to convince this company to switch everybody from $60/year to $1800/year for 100 people.

In, I can pay for 3 seats and then have nearly endless people come to a board and log their time.

What if Aha had a user level for people who will barely be in Aha? Let's say we need a "worker bee" user type who can log in, log their time where they are assigned, update an activity's progress and status, and pretty much nothing else.

Is this worth $5/mo/person to Aha? Aha will instead get $0/mo for these people because I'll never convince the company to buy 100 licenses at $1800/yr. They'll just stay in Zoho Projects.

I am requesting a very limited user type who can't create or administrate anything, but can make simple edits like logging time, updating progress, updating status (moving something to another step of a workflow), and that's about it.

Thank you.

    Jul 16, 2021

    Thank you for reaching out. We have an enterprise plan with unlimited reviewers and viewers which may be a good fit, as well as integrations with other work tracking systems. Our CS team would be happy to help provide more guidance. We do not have plans for broader pricing changes at this time as we are a premium tool.

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