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In workflows, add the ability to limit setting a certain status to certain users.

In workflows, most of the time a status like "approved" is available. However, at the moment everybody can set this status, so it pretty useless. If only certain users (e.g. with a certain role) could set the status to approved it suddenly gets ...
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings 2 Unlikely to implement

Add Development Lead as a Role

We would like Development Leads to be able to update status on features & requirements once they have left the planning phase. Ideally, the Dev Lead could update status & add comments once the feature/req gets into the "In Development" phase.
Matt Lavallee almost 9 years ago in Account settings 7 Future consideration

Stop auto-reformatting text for Customized Terminology

When using custom terminology per product, Aha! automatically reformats text, capitalizing/not capitalizing and adding an "s". The customized terminology would be much more beneficial were it truly customizable.
Kelly Killeen almost 9 years ago in Account settings 5 Will not implement

Don't require Admin permission to create Products or Product Lines

As an Admin, I need to control who has a Paid Seat or not, to control costs. However, if a user has a Paid Seat, I don't care if they create Product Lines or Products, and I don't want to have to create the Product Lines and Products for them. For...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Account settings 2 Already exists

Predefined choice list. - item color

Hello, I have created custom fields with type Predefined choice list.I want to allocate a color to each item of the list just the same way you can do it for tags. Is it possible?If yes, would like to understand how to do this?If no, is it plan i...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Account settings 2 Already exists

Inherit from Product line hierarchy for Weekly summary email

This is a really good new feature, but I would like to be able to manage configure at the product group level so I didn't have to go into each product and configure each user. Lots of clicking needed if you're managing lots of products. Product d...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Rename multiple integrations

We want to have one Aha product linked to two different Jira projects. I've got this setup and working, but the Actions button simpy shows "Send to Jira" for both. It's challenging for users to know which one is appropriate for which project. It w...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Account settings 1 Already exists

Allow Product Owners (not Admins) to configure/add sub Product Lines within Product Lines that they own

In our large organization, top-level Product Line owners should be able to add new, sub-Product Lines without needing Admin access. Admins have the power to change many global settings that could impact the work of others in the organization. I'd ...
Gary Spencer about 9 years ago in Account settings 4 Future consideration

Custom logo on the login screen

From a branding standpoint, it will be great if we can customize the logo on the login screen, instead of the default "Aha!" logo. THanks
Guest about 9 years ago in Account settings 0 Unlikely to implement

A Private View of Comments or Notes

It would be great if we could mark Comments and Notes as private or restricted based on the User's email domain (or something) so that teams who work with external clients (like my firm does) can still have "internal conversations" within Aha but ...
jenny miller about 9 years ago in Account settings 1 Already exists