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CSV import template: Please provide all default fields in the CSV template

When I go to do an import, I review the ‘What Fields Can I Import?’ function, and more often than not I download the Example CSV file. The issue is that the Example CSV file does NOT contain all the fields that are available to import. This is a b...
Joe Carpenter over 4 years ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Ability to add links to the top navigation

We have many workspaces that would benefit from the ability to add pages and views to the top nav. For our use case, we would like to: Add sub pages to existing top nav items Add new top nav items to create a folder of quick links We do not have a...
Nathaniel Collum over 1 year ago in Account settings / Application 0 Future consideration

Activity Log Enhancements

Currently, it's difficult to determine which fields/content is included when using the Search feature of the Activity Log. It also seems like there's a lot of content not included when performing a keyword search. I don't see any online help conte...
Brian Cunningham almost 6 years ago in Account settings 2 Future consideration

Ability to set whether a custom number field is allowed to be used by the prioritisation board

Who would benefit? All users What impact would it make? Avoid the potential for data loss How should it work? At the moment, any custom number field that is available on a record's layout is presented as an option to be used to capture the priorit...
Steve Dagless 8 months ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Limit Name field in all objects to 255 characters

When integrating to Rally, integrations fail due to Rally's 255 character limit in the matching field. There are no error messages or notifications. This was determined through some back end research. In order to prevent this in the future, we wan...
Karla Johnson over 2 years ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Have workspace templates be default for new workspaces

Who would benefit? anyone who administers an aha account What impact would it make? streamlines work, reduces chance of manual error, reduces need to manually verify items How should it work? allow account admins to set what the default workspace ...
Guest 8 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

I want a user-impersonate option to let me and your staff debug user experiences

I want to login as a user with less rights (ie a simple contributor or reviewer) who has reported unusual behaviors I do not see myself. For example, I want to open incognito, go to an admin account feature, login as "impersonation" of a user I pi...
Kevin Martin over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Make the terminology around "Organization" customisable

Across most of Aha! you are able to re-name key items, such as Objectives, Epics, Ideas etc... this is great as it helps you align to the terminology used inside your company. It is not currently possible to do this for Organizations. I believe it...
Dan Jeffery about 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow moving of custom table records to other objects

Currently custom tables and their records are permanently associated with an object (i.e., workspace, Epic, Feature, Ideas, etc.) and don't get copied when the parent object is copied and cannot be moved out of an object. It would be best if you c...
Karla Johnson almost 3 years ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Ability to schedule activity report

Currently most reports can be scheduled. However, there is no way to schedule the user activity report at this time. We need to be able to schedule activity reports so we can better utilize our licenses and assign to users who need access.
Andras Szakal over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration