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Created on Jan 11, 2024

Please turn off the product suggestions and popups

Who would benefit?

Everyday users

What impact would it make?

The popups with "news" is getting old quickly and disrupts everyday work. They are more frequent than before, almost to the point that I anticipate that I need to click something away before I can do my work - as if it is a freeware product with ad pop-ups.

How should it work?

Allow the user to turn this off and turn it off by default.

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  • Admin
    Chrissi McNamara
    Jan 13, 2024

    Hi Bas, thank you for your feedback. We strive to launch meaningful new functionality every week. We realize that for some this can get overwhelming so we have recently added a couple improvements to help:

    1. You can now view all recent announcements in the What's new section under the Help (?) menu.

    2. You can turn the broadcasts off all together (Doing so will mean you will need to check What's new as you won't see the broadcasts automatically.)

    You can disable the broadcasts by clicking the gear icon in the What's new menu.