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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by David Willequer
Created on Jan 10, 2024

Add Additional Features to support Information Governance Requirements

Who would benefit?

All Users

What impact would it make?

Satisfy Information Governance requirements by providing administrative control over record retention within Aha! services by providing administrators the ability to control the following:

1) Assign retention to a record or series of records

2) Freeze and release a record for legal hold in support of eDiscovery

3) Identify records eligible for purge based on retention and

4) Purge records when eligible for purge.

How should it work?

Please work closely with your internal security and information governance teams to determine best practices for implementing a feature like this, however my thoughts are as follows:

Grant Administrators the ability to restrict users abilities to delete records of any type. This ability to restrict this could potentially be added at the role level as well as the individual user level.

Add the ability for administrators to place a make a record temporarily read only for all users of the system at the individual record level. For example - Administrators should be able to navigate to a specific record, lock the record (leaving it visible but otherwise inaccessible to users) and unlock the record as needed. Additionally - a temporary control should be put in place that allows administrators to temporarily lock/unlock all records should the need arise.

Add new standard fields on all record types to support record retention dates that can be populated manually or via automations which would allow administrators to automatically archive and delete the record when certain criteria are satisfied. For Example - Automatically archive record one year after the record reaches it's final status of closed (Locking / Making the record read only as described above) and delete the record after 3 years. The length of time needed by each business for archival, deletion or retention is going to vary and should be configurable by admins.

Grant administrative control to purge records (Separate from deletion which gives the option for data recovery via the recycle bin or contacting Aha! Support within 1 year of deletion) that will immediately destroy all copies of the data and child records with no chance of recovery.

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