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Add two-way sync with Rally

The current integration with Rally provides the ability to plan releases and vet and prioritize the features before sending to Rally development. This is very helpful because only those features that should have focus are sent to development. It w...
Suzanne Vaughan about 9 years ago in Integrations / Rally 8 Shipped

Send feature due dates to trello

We added feature due dates to Aha! Currently the trello integration supports: The due date of the card will be set to the release date of the release the feature belongs to. Now that features have due dates, that date field should be set ...
Danny Archer about 9 years ago in Trello 1 Shipped

Sync Github/Aha! Issue Comments

To aid in collaboration between teams, sync comments back and forth between Aha! and Github.
Guest about 9 years ago in GitHub 4 Shipped

Create Github Labels to represent Initiatives

We would like to be able to track Github issues by the initiative they relate to. We have the initiative information in Aha! but there is no way currently to get this information into Github. It would be very nice to have the initiate attached as ...
Guest about 9 years ago in GitHub 0 Shipped

Resource Assignment - from Aha! to GitHub

Both Aha! and Github Issues have the capability to assign items to an owner - but there is no synchronization between Aha! and Github Issues. Ideally - within the GitHub integrations section - you could assign a Github name to every user - so when...
Max Chanoch about 9 years ago in GitHub 2 Shipped

Enable full syncing between Trello and Aha

Currently you are able to send features to Trello from Aha and their status will be updated as they are moved in Trello. However comments and attachments that are added to Trello cards/features do not move to Aha. Enabling this feature would allow...
Guest about 9 years ago in Trello 9 Shipped
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Integrate with Asana

We really like Asana for day-to-day development work and bug tracking.
Suzanne Vaughan about 9 years ago in Asana / Wanted 26 Shipped

Integration with Box

Just like there is an integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, it would be great to have an integration with Box that allows linking of files hosted in Box instead of uploading them.
Guest over 9 years ago in Wanted 6 Shipped

Better requirements link handling in Jira integration

From the Jira "READ SECOND" blog post: "If a new issue is created in JIRA that belongs to a record that is already link to Aha!, then the issue will be automatically imported to Aha! This applies to issues created under a version, stories created ...
Aaron Bawcom over 9 years ago in Features / Jira 1 Shipped

Pivotal Tracker: Send individual requirements to Pivotal — not just the entire Feature

Implement the ability to only send certain Requirements of a Feature to PT, vs. only being able to send the Feature as a whole. The reason is that not all Requirements of a Feature will be at the stage where they can be sent to dev — Aha's model i...
Yok Tan over 9 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 0 Shipped