JIRA Import multiple issue types as requirements mapped to parent feature

As a PO, I’d like to import multiple issue types (i.e. bug, story) as requirements that map to their parent features so that existing Jira Projects can be imported into Aha! Products in a single import

  • Danny Archer
  • Apr 17 2015
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Release time frame 1 month
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  • Rob Bedeaux commented
    April 30, 2015 18:55

    I agree! This would be very helpful when syncing with JIRA. I currently import into Aha! all bugs from Jira and dump those into a monthly release in Aha! This works fine without the issue type, but when I want to then do any filtering across releases or filter features by type, I'm stuck unless I went in and manually changed each issue type.

  • Marc commented
    February 14, 2017 01:29

    Any updates on this Aha? This is still a want from customers. As of right now, I have to mass change swaths of tickets to the specified ticket type, reimport, then somehow remember what each issue type was before the change.

  • Michael Rafoul commented
    June 06, 2018 19:22

    Having issues bringing in tasks and research items into Aha! from Jira.  multiple issue types would be a huge improvement.

  • Daniel Pokrývka commented
    August 12, 2018 18:28

    Are there any news?