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Created on Apr 17, 2015

Add a tag to requirements, and sync it with jira labels

Why is it useful?

Our Product team uses tags in Aha and labels in jira to help in planning which team works on which requirement / user story, to make sure that one team working in the release is not over-burdened.

Sometimes one team works on an entire features, but there are times that multiple teams work on the feature, splitting up the stories.  For this use case, it would be helpful to have tags on Requirements, and to sync them with the labels in jira (which we already do for Features).

Who would benefit?

Both Product Managers and Engineering would benefit, having the same information (labels on user stories) visible in both Aha and jira.

Now, the Product Manager has to wait until the feature/requirements are pushed to jira, before they can assign a label to the user story.  And they have to remember to transfer the label at the epic/feature level to the user story where applicable.

How would it work?

An additional field (tags) would be available at the requirement level, and would sync with labels in jira.

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  • Emilie Takeda
    Oct 8, 2015

    In my opinion, instead of having tags on requirements to be sync with JIRA stories, we should have custom fields on requirements in Aha (see idea APP-I-473) that should be sync with JIRA custom fields on stories.

  • Guest
    Sep 9, 2015

    Agreed I would love to have the ability to track the feature specific requirements.

    I have found a need to keep track of requirements aligned with customer expectations of a feature. To do this I'd like to do so via tags at the requirement level