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Updates from integration marked as a different user than "Aha!"

Currently, when an integration such as JIRA communications updates back to Aha!, the activity history in Aha! logs the changes as coming from Aha! It would be great to have that changed to be indicative of the changes coming from the integration....
Danny Archer over 8 years ago in Integrations 0 Shipped

Track effort (estimates) to prepare features for JIRA separately

When Aha!-JIRA integration is enabled, updating the features estimates on one of the tools, will cause an update on the other. We suggest to have the possibility to un-map the estimates fields between the 2 tools. So updating on one tool won't af...
Guest over 8 years ago in Jira 1 Shipped

Add labels syncing with GitHub

Would be great to be able to map Aha! status to GitHub labels. We use labels in Git to mark phase of the issue, because there are only 2 statuses in Git (Open, Close). This way we have more clear overview on the progress, and it would be great if ...
Mia Rucevic over 8 years ago in GitHub 1 Shipped

TFS (a.k.a. VSO) Automatically create new stories in TFS as requirements in Aha! when stories are created under a linked feature.

If a feature has been sent to TFS as a feature and requirements as stories, when I create a new story under the linked feature I would like it to be automatically created in Aha! as a requirement.
Chris Waters over 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 2 Shipped

Auto sync with TFS

The integration with TFS has a lot of potential, but it's still work to have to remember to click the Action then Update TFS. If some product owners forget, then we have to audit what features and requirements are in both systems and see which one...
Jonathon Leeke over 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 3 Shipped

Sync Initiatives with TFS

It would be great if we could have Initiatives sync over to TFS as Initiatives or Epics to get the full hierarchy tracked in both systems. As it stands, we have to manually create initiatives in TFS and then link the Features up to them. Adding it...
Jonathon Leeke over 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 3 Shipped

Sending a Parking Lot to Trello should not send Due Dates

For Aha! features in a parking lot that are sent to Trello, there is also a due date that appears in Trello. Please remove all due dates from Trello cards when sending from a Parking Lot.
Danny Archer over 8 years ago in Trello 1 Shipped

Ability to bulk update from JIRA

The ability to do a bulk import exists, but if the issue already exists in Aha! it does not re-import. It would be useful to have the ability to alternately do a bulk update. This is particularly useful in the off chance something breaks with the ...
Danny Archer over 8 years ago in Jira 2 Shipped

Update (SFDC) opportunity value automatically from SFDC to Aha! Idea

If we create a feature request based on a SFDC Opportunity, the information presented in Aha (such as dollar value) does not seem to update if that opportunity changes in SFDC. Makes it difficult to determine the actual value of opportunities from...
Suzanne Vaughan over 8 years ago in Salesforce 8 Shipped

Link Idea to Salesforce Account

The SFDC integration is fantastic, but we're finding the association with an Opportunity or Case aren't really the right place for us to make a relationship with Ideas. Most of our customer feature requests arrive after the opportunity has closed,...
Guest over 8 years ago in Wanted 1 Shipped