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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 15, 2015

Map Jira's "Won't Fix" resolution status to Aha!s "Won't implement" status

When the Jira workflow is set up to "Close" a ticket with the resolution status of "won't fix," there currently is now way to map that against the Aha workflow. 


It would be great to also access the Resolution status from Jira to handle this case.

    Mar 24, 2020

    The Jira resolution field can now be displayed in Aha!

    To configure

    • Create a new custom field in Aha! and assign it to your custom field layout

    • Update the field mappings in your integration to add the new resolution field

      • Note - you may need to use 'Reload configuration' at the bottom right

      • If applicable, click the ‘Configure’ link to the right and map the Jira values to Aha! values

    • Save. Use update records if you would like to backfill the resolution field from Jira.

    • Add the new resolution custom field to views and roadmaps throughout Aha!

    Note - The resolution can only be synced one-way Aha! <- Jira. Any changes made to the resolution in Aha! will not sync back to Jira.

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  • Guest
    Oct 8, 2021

    We are looking to have our product team only in Aha and not living in Jira. The lack of being able to send a resolution is a definite blocker for that to happen.

    Ideally the status would also determine the resolution (Done, won't fix, duplicate etc).

  • Guest
    Jul 6, 2020

    The ability to import the JIRA Resolution is a big step forward (and I think the one-way mapping is sufficient), but it still does not allow us to cleanly map into the Aha status. In JIRA, we just get the status "Closed" and the nuance goes into the Resolution. What we need to be able to do is to set the Aha Status based upon a combination of JIRA Status and Resolution. With this, we could be able to set a "Ready to Ship" status in Aha for Closed JIRA items with a Resolution of "Fixed" or "Done" and differentiate that from Closed JIRA items that have a Resolution of "Won't Do" or "No Fix Required" (which could then be mapped to Will Not Implement in Aha. Granted, that is a bigger set of functionality, but that is the ultimate solution here. The only work-around I have now is to map JIRA Closed to "Ready to Ship" then manually change the status in Aha based on the Resolution. This also means I can only sync Aha Status from JIRA, not bi-directionally...

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Mar 26, 2020

    Hi Kelly,

    in many if not all cases, resolution is a mandatory field in JIRA on status transition.

    So I am thankful that you want to monitor the need for it in terms of "people want to set certain value", however the problem is that when it is required by JIRA, it prevents the status transition synchronization.

    So this is a situation when aha can not synchronize status change at all (e.g. in development -> closed). Not a wish for nice to have feature.

  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Mar 26, 2020

    Thanks, Daniel! We are going to leave this idea open and continue to monitor customer need for a two-way sync of the Jira resolution field. Hopefully the one-way sync that we just released will be helpful in the meantime.

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Mar 25, 2020

    Hello admin, thanks for your response. The key bottleneck still remains, though. We have epics linked to features and when setting resolution is mandatory on transition in JIRA (fairly default scenario), then inability of aha to do aha -> JIRA synchronization of the field prevents us from changing epic status. This needs a full solution.

  • Guest
    Mar 16, 2020

    I agree as well. If at a minimum we could synchronize Resolution then the Aha content would at least be able to differentiate the different "closed" states from JIRA. Ideally it would be nice to map the resolutions to specific Aha status values.

  • Yen Pham
    Jan 8, 2020

    Yep, our teams like to set specific resolutions for when we close things

  • Alex Henry
    Oct 16, 2019

    Definitely a big problem when it comes to Jira integration. It would be great to be able to expose the resolution status, and also add some status transition logic in Aha!. The best workaround I've found (which is quite messy indeed) is to add a new 'Won't implement' status in Jira, with a transition that sets the resolution status to 'Won't Do'.  Shouldn't make a huge difference in Jira if you adjust your board filters to ignore the 'Won't implement' status just like  the Closed status. 

  • Guest
    Sep 20, 2019

    As our engineering team requires the Resolution field in Jira to be required when closing out an Issue, we need the ability to create a custom field in Aha! and map it to the Resolution field in Jira, so we can specify the reason why a Feature in Aha! is being set to "Will not implement". It is a good idea for us to track and report, in Aha!, the reasons why a Feature was not implemented.

  • Emily vargas
    Jul 31, 2019

    My team just ran into this issue and it's completely halted our integration. We require a field at the close of a JIRA project which is what is breaking the links. We cannot un require that field because we need to report on that data and we struggle to get those fields populated without a requirement. However requiring that field breaks the integration so we're stuck. If anyone has any ideas on possible workarounds we're all ears!

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Feb 12, 2019

    Absoutely necessary. This makes JIRA sync basically unusable as there are so many constellations of stars with JIRA resolution configuration when it does not work, that it must be an issue for most of AHA customers. I consider this more than a design flaw then new feature request. This is a comment coming from experience with aha and JIRA, no theory.

  • Guest
    Feb 8, 2019

    This comment is for the request of the 'Resolution status' from JIRA.

    We have several projects that need to have a workflow which has a Resolve Screen. With a Resolve screen, there would be  multiple conditions and validators. As part of the validators, there would be a check to see if there is a 'Resolution' field chosen from a list of options.

    We have a 2 way sync between Aha and JIRA. When we mark a feature on Aha as shipped, it needs to mark the corresponding Epic on JIRA as Done. Now, this never happens because, there is an integration update error on Aha, that says "'resolution': Could not find valid 'id' or 'name' in resolution object.". So, basically even after removing the validator on JIRA workflow for the resolve screen, this doesn't work. 

    Also, on a similar note, on JIRA, we have an IN REVIEW state, which is mapped to Ready-to-ship state on Aha. This transition also never goes through from Aha to JIRA, as there is no Reviewer field in Aha for a feature. And on the screen to move a JIRA ticket from some status to IN REVIEW, there is a validator that ensures a Reviewer is assigned for the ticket. So, again, this state transition from Aha never makes into JIRA. 

    If there is a supported integration on Aha for JIRA, it needs to support these basic functionalities.

  • Guest
    Sep 13, 2018

    It needs to be higher level than this. We have to be able to map to the resolution field otherwise how can you complete a ticket in Aha and have it reflected in JIRA when a resolution has to be set upon closing.

  • Guest
    Feb 6, 2018

    Can we include the webhook to a transition post function in jira, and Aha process the json response?

    On resolve screen most probably.

  • Naill Mclean
    Mar 24, 2017

    Some of our users get confused because the case shows as ready to ship but in fact we didn't do it.

  • Claudia Rudolph
    Feb 15, 2017

    I also agree with this proposal to map Jira's "Won't Fix" to Ana's "Won't implement".

    I also agree that it would be great to also access Jira's Resolution, in Aha.  We have multiple Resolutions in Jira, and it's a real limitation to not be able to see that in Aha.


  • Alfred
    Jun 22, 2016

    Agreed.  It would be great to also access the Resolution from Jira.


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