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As you know with Zendesk, ideas often flow in from support systems as well. Without this integration, we'll now have to manually enter each idea from into Aha!.
Guest over 9 years ago in Wanted 2 Shipped

Enable initiative scorecard mapping through Jira integration

Who would benefit? Jira users who would like their development team to see the initiative score. What impact would it make? Clarity on prioritization from a strategic level. How should it work? Allow default scorecard and custom values to display ...
Kristina Gass 9 months ago in Jira 0 Shipped

Improved automatic pull of items from Jira to ensure strategic relevance of Aha!

As a product manager with an engineering team that uses Jira, I understand and appreciate that Aha aims to remove the temptation for anyone to "sneak" tasks into Jira rather than through the PM and Aha!. The reality, though, is that agile sprints ...
Guest about 9 years ago in Jira 1 Shipped

Allow "don't export releases" on Rally integrations

I need to use Aha to do customer facing release planning. I also need to use Rally and its project parent-child rollup capability to show my dev team's productivity and hit MBOs. We have a hack solution whereby we export features (and correspondi...
Guest over 7 years ago in Rally 4 Shipped

Create an integration at a requirement level

It would be useful to be able to send requirements to different integration points. i.e. if we use requirements for a design task these could be sent to Trello. and Development tasks could be sent somewhere else - Jira. Or to two different project...
Guest about 9 years ago in Integrations 1 Shipped

Filter ideas by customer from Salesforce

I need a report in Aha! that would allow me to filter by “Salesforce account_name”. I can add data from the Salesforce integration (such as account name) as a column but not as a filter.
Matt Vlasach over 7 years ago in Salesforce 4 Shipped

Provide a direct import from TFS

TFS import should create a link between Aha! features (and requirements) and TFS issues so that when we import to seed the Aha! account, we can keep the entire history of the TFS issue.
Suzanne Vaughan over 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 4 Shipped

Integrate with Gitlab

No description provided
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Integrations 10 Shipped

Integrate to Salesforce

The ability to integrate to SFDC to import ideas for a feature
Guest about 10 years ago in Wanted 9 Shipped

JIRA Integration: Option to disable Assignee Integration

If you have an environment where the engineers are not setup in Aha!, what ends up happening for when you have Features/Requirements linked to JIRA Issues is when assignments are made in JIRA, the assignee information that is synced back to Aha! d...
Matt Case about 8 years ago in Jira 2 Shipped