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Categories Salesforce
Created by Matt Vlasach
Created on Oct 13, 2016

Filter ideas by customer from Salesforce

I need a report in Aha! that would allow me to filter by “Salesforce account_name”. I can add data from the Salesforce integration (such as account name) as a column but not as a filter.
    Sep 14, 2020

    Through the new proxy vote reporting, you can now filter and report on the salesforce accounts in your ideas. Within Aha! we call these accounts 'organizations'.

    • You can learn more about building the reports here.

    • You can also open an idea in Aha! and click the blue link 'View in list report' at the top right of the proxy voting table. Then customize the filters from there.

    Please let us know how that works for you.

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  • Eric Brown
    Jul 15, 2020

    Is there any update on this? It's becoming increasingly difficult to report back to stakeholders on all of the ideas tied to a single Salesforce Account (whether the idea was created/voted on from the Account page, a Case, or an Opportunity). If I'm missing anything, please advise.

  • Eric Brown
    Jan 30, 2020

    This is really important for my team to prepare for roadmap discussions with our customers. I really dislike fishing manually in the Ideas list or sifting through Salesforce cases/opportunities.

  • Guest
    Aug 1, 2019

    This is very important for us! 

  • Laura Giles
    Apr 30, 2019

    is this still not available?!


Add ability to filter by Salesforce Account Name

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