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Restrict Portal Users from Viewing and Voting on Specific Products

As a Product Owner/Contributor, I expect that my portal users will only provide feedback to products that they own. I do not expect them navigating to and viewing/voting on ideas on products/projects they are not associated with. I have stakeholde...
Guest over 5 years ago in User management 0 Already exists

Status of ideas - Idea portal

Add a status for all requests that have not been planned in the Aha idea portal left hand side. Right now the only filter options are (Already exists, Will not implement, Planned, Shipped) We want to see the new ones only that have not yet been pl...
Guest over 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists

Capture the page an idea came from within my product

We have a link to the idea portal within our product. When a user navigates to the idea portal to submit feedback, I want to know which page in my product they came from. Knowing the page users were on when they decided to submit feedback will pro...
Bryan Crist over 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Remove tags from drop down selection

Create the ability to delete tags within the drop down. It's obvious there are mistakes in there and it makes the list cumbersome. If the tag is in use - notify the current user who is trying to delete so the deletion isn't completed.
Guest over 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists

Add Re-set or Clear button

Currently, only "Share Idea" button is enabled on the Idea form. Please add a "Re-Set" or a clear button. This will help clear the form in the event someone makes a mistake or wants to reconsider the idea.
Guest over 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Enable ideas field 'Creator' on the idea submission form

I have multiple scenarios where folks will be creating ideas on behalf of others. Most prominent are the support team and product owners. Since our portals are only accessible by our employees I have no concerns about exposing the Creator field on...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Give ability to turn off music in videas

I was watching the video. The background music is surprisingly intrusive and annoying and it would be nice to have the ability to switch it off
Guest almost 6 years ago in Branding 0 Unlikely to implement

Ignore Commas when URL hyperlinking

If you enter or paste a URL in the text box and then type a comma, the automatic hyperlinking includes the comma in the URL. The automatic hyperlink should just include the URL and not the comma. Commas in an actual URL are very rare and should al...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists

Wildcards for email subdomains should include root domain in Idea portal whitelists

The recent functionality to enable wildcards for subdomains when specifying whitelisted email domains is helpful. However, it doesn't appear that when using the whilecard it includes the root domain. This means I still would need to have company.c...
Guest about 6 years ago in User management 0 Unlikely to implement

Please Display the Idea number on the Home Page

When you are on the main home page with all of the ideas listed please display the idea number. This is how a lot of my customers look for things and it would be easier for them when looking for and referencing information. Thanks! -- see attach...
Stephen Morse about 6 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement