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Add Password Field to Idea Portal Login Screen to Simplify Login Flow

We have a private idea portal. When the user hits our idea portal URL, they are prompted for their email address each time. The portal does not allow the browser to autofill this email address either. User then clicks Next, where they are prompted...
Jonathan Adams over 6 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Display Idea Reference ID on summary page

We use a custom status to place ideas into a "Stakeholder Questions" bucket for our portal users, and it works as an awesome filter. They like to use it to find specific tickets, though, too, so would find it valuable to see the Idea Reference ID ...
Marta Cooke over 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Allow SAML / SSO created users to be placed in a default permissions group

We are allowing all the engineers in our company to view the roadmap information in Aha! by enabling SSO registration. It's a transparency policy that enables the engineers to see how the feature pipeline is determined. Issue here is that SSO cre...
Marcus Gavel almost 9 years ago in User management 6 Already exists

"View only" user fields in Portal

As a product owner with external stakeholders, we all love our ideas portal as a communication tool; the stakeholders can submit and see that we are working their ideas/bugs/etc without falling in an email pit and getting lost forever. We have a...
Marta Cooke over 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Separate Employee & Client Visibility in the Ideas Portal

When my co-workers submit their product gripes on our internal ideas portal, I want it to be internally visible only by default.
Ross Reynolds (External) about 9 years ago in User management 6 Already exists

Define an email blacklist for Ideas Portal inbound emails

I would like to be able to specify a list of email addresses which should not be allowed to create ideas in the portal(s). This is not for spam prevention, but rather, to avoid certain automated systems (e.g. customer support portal) which may sen...
Matthew Monahan over 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

'?' helper for idea portal

When submitting an Idea through the submission portal, a user sees the description of what should be entered into the box, and when the user selects the textbox, the description disappears (if the there is a lot of text, this could pose an issue f...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Allow users to edit the text in the confirmation message that shows after users have submitted an idea

When a user submits an idea, there is a light green confirmation message that shows at the top of the UI. The default message shows an Idea ID #, and thanks, it's been created. It would be nice to customize that to indicate what users should expec...
Guest over 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Make sure the main aha and the portal share the same logins

It looks like the main aha site and the ideas portal don't share the same user sessions. This leads to never-ending login issues. For instance If I open the portal in a new tab, then SSO logs me in with the portal user. Any idea I create are then ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Already exists

Allow Portal Users to Control the Number of Ideas Displayed Per Screen

Add a drop down selector that allows each portal user to control the number of ideas that are displayed on each screen in the Ideas Portal. The system should remember the last option selected by the user for the active session.
Guest over 9 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Unlikely to implement